I’m a 35 years old French guy located in North-East France. I spend most of my time writing code, mostly in C, for my opensource projects or to the ones I can contribute from time to time. My contributions vary from Alpine Linux, SDL, Mercurial and used to contribute to specific projects at given time (e.g. FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Arch Linux).

I have been involved in Linux communities for more than two decades, starting circa 2003 when I installed my first Mandrake Linux 10.0 on my old pentium 4 and I’ve never stopped since. My interest goes into all kind of unix based systems including (but not limited to) Linux, OpenBSD, macOS and more.

When I don’t write code, I may also create my own music with various inspiration from artists I like. You can listen to my music for free on my soundcloud account. At this time, I think my music can be categorized into different styles going from electronic to rock with few parts inspired by orchestral. I have been a guitar player for many years with a strong preference on classical guitar and finger picking practice.

Outside of coding, opensource and music, I’m huge fan of old retro videogames and love to play my favorites gems on RetroArch on which I spend all my love, including the dignified Final Fantasy VI or the lovely Super Mario Bros 3.

Finally, when not in front of my desk nor playing some music, I practice running a lot, mountain bike and hiking. I have been a BMX rider in the early 2000 on which I paused in 2010. I eventually got back in the late 2020 with a brand new bike assembled piece by piece with a curiously enough brand named BSD.

I have ADHD which can lead to some awkwardness within social relationship for people not used to this disorder.